lørdag 5. mai 2012

T-skjorte + Spraymaling = PERFECT MATCH!

Inspired by this post from Yellow Bird, Yellow beard, me and my friend wanted to make some funky t-shirts using spraypaint. A tee like this:

Following the basic steps from the other post, we used my silhouette cameo to step it up a notch! By the way, this is my first blogpost in english, so bare with me:)

You need:

  • A t-shirt, or what ever garment you want to pimp. I took an old favourite who had gotten stains on it,- perfect! I knew it would come in handy;)
  • Spraypaint. We used the cheapest we found
  • A silhouette cameo (you can ofcourse use any sort of stencil, tape, pre-cut vinyl etc)
  • Some cardboard or similar to put between the front and back of the tee so you dont make a mess at the back of the shirt when spraying.
  • Newspapers or scrap paper to lay the garment on
  • With the cameo, you will need some selfadhesive paper, vinyl or similar, to place on your mat. We used cheap foil, the colorless kind thats used to protect textbooks (sorry, do not know the correct english word!)
Then we were good to go! Here are some pictures and instructions along the way:

get some spray paint and a t-shirt 

Get painters tape, a cameo, a stencil etc

This was one of the images we chose with the machine

We added the cheap foil on the mat and cut out

 Not so easy to see from the picture, but we left the silhouettes of the man and women on the mat, and placed the outlining on the t-shirt. Remember there may be some spillage, so leave a big sized border around your image!

We also chose these images, some cat paws (for me) and a girl on a bike, and cut out. 

I chose to use the silhouette of the paws in stead of the outline. I placed them (carefully planned) randomly.

My friend also added some stripes with painters tape.

Then we had lunch out in the sun :D

So: time for some spray painting, OH JOY!!:) We had some cardboard and plastic between the back and front of the shirt, and some newspapers under the whole thingy so we wouldnt make to much of a mess.


My friend used pink and grey. And it dried quite quickly, depends on how much paint you use. 

TADAAAA!!!! Cool! One down, two to go!

This is mine with the cat paws, first i added yellow:)

After the yellow i went over with white spray paint to get a fading effect.

Then i peeled of the vinyl!

I got a new awsome t-shirt!!

For the third tee we used the silhouette of a girl on a bike. my friend wanted the image down in a corner, so we traced with a bowl and used painters tape to seal it of.

She added white around the edges for fading.

Looks great, yes?? Her man was very impressed!

"All in a days work"!:)

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  1. these are SO fabulous!! i might just try this on one of my t shirts! tfs!